“Working with the environment rather than against it.”


Biobased Materials

“Our vision is to produce innovative biobased materials that are natural and biodegradable as a sustainable alternative for the global absorbency, food and medical biotech industries at a cost competitive price.”


In 2006, Gary Cass came up with a crazy idea to use a biological bacterial process to ferment a dress from wine. Fermented Fashion would spend the next decade travelling and exhibiting around the world generating much public dialogue about the sustainability of the fashion industry. 

Much debate has been generated about the massive negative environmental issues facing the textile industry. Sustainable alternatives are being sought that could be used to remove much of these pressures from the textile world. Fermented Fashion was seen as a possibility, culminating in the original wine dress being exhibited at the World EXPO 2015 in Milan.

A new beginning with 2020, Cass Materials Pty Ltd was founded and with its eco-friendly technology will create biobased materials. Biobased technology has no adverse effect on the environment, using sustainable energy and non-toxic inputs and reductions in harmful waste outputs.