28th July 2020 – A wonderful meeting with the WA Governor, The Honourable Kim Beazley about our new eco-tech materials focusing on the cell culture scaffolds for the cultivated meat industry.

16th July 2020 РCass Materials has been accepted into the Startmate accelerator program. An amazing opportunity to help make Australia a leader in the global cultivated meat industry.

20th May 2020 – Cass Materials files Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2020900276 entitled “Cellulose Dissolution.” 

25th March 2020 – Cass Materials Pty Ltd, ACN 639 963 554 incorporated with shareholders.



Protein Report, July 20th 2020: Australian Startup Develops Novel Edible Scaffold to Modernize Meat Production.

New Scientist, 2018: Green is the new black: Redesigning clothes to save the planet.

HUFFPOST, 2012: Wine Dress: Fabric Made From Red Wine Brings New Meaning To Going Green.

ABC News, 2007: Australian scientists dress women in wine.


Video links:

Fermented Fashion | Ep. 2 | HardWired ft. iJustine, 2013
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