31st March 2022 – Using 0% toxic chemicals to dissolve the nanocellulose and proprietary breakthrough advanced fibre spinning technology, Kylarr fibres are the latest sustainable textile entering the fashion industry.

29th March 2022 – Cass Materials and Nancy Ballesteros of Treetops Colour Harmonies have teamed up to make a beanie from a blend of Kylarr fibres and ultra-fine Merino wool.

10th March 2022 – Green industries attracted Gary Cass from Australia. From a home lab in Perth, Australia to Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

17th February 2022 – Cass Materials has taken another step with Kylarr fibres in the production of a next generation fashion textile.

17th April 2021 – Patent Status: Clear International Preliminary Report of Patentability (IPRP) issued. ‘Treatment of bacterial nanocellulose.’

28th July 2020 – A wonderful meeting with the WA Governor, The Honourable Kim Beazley about our new eco-tech materials focusing on the cell culture scaffolds for the cultivated meat industry.

16th July 2020 – Cass Materials has been accepted into the Startmate accelerator program. An amazing opportunity to help make Australia a leader in the global cultivated meat industry.

20th May 2020 – Cass Materials files Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2020900276 entitled “Cellulose Dissolution.” 

25th March 2020 – Cass Materials Pty Ltd, ACN 639 963 554 incorporated with shareholders.



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